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June 6, 2014
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Ex-lover took my $20 million house - Moves in her new man
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

A multimillion-dollar house in Linstead, St Catherine, is now the source of contention between two former lovers, after a man built the lavish dwelling and his younger lover allegedly moved in with another man.

The man, who is in his 60s and living in Trinidad, said he wants the house to be sold, but is having difficulties because he placed it in his former lover's name.

The two-storey house reportedly cost more than $20 million.

"I was along with this woman for some 11 years. We have a child together, however, there has been a breakdown in the relationship since December of last year and she stop seeing me. I am saddened by the fact that the house that I have built for her is now being occupied by she and her new boyfriend," he said.

He now wants to sell the house and recover all the money he spent and will stopped at nothing to have it done. He intends to seek legal redress.

For all the years he has been in the relationship, he said the woman never worked, and he feels cheated out of his hard-earned money

A woman at the house during The weekend STAR's visit stated, "nothing can be denied or discussed at length, however, legal instruction is being given as to the way forward."

The woman did not confirm or deny she was the elderly man's former lover, but admitted she knew of him.

Several lawyers said the matter would have to be solved through the legal system.

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