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June 6, 2014
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Thieves make away with goats
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

Monica Brady wept bitterly as she held the piece of rope on which one of her 18 goats was tied before thieves struck and remove her entire flock valued over $80,000.

''Dis is very sad enuh, because a mi daughter examination money mi a raise di goat dem fi pay, and now di tief dem move wid everyone a di goat dem,'' Brady said.

It was revealed that the criminal act has been affecting a number of farmers throughout St Catherine, and the criminals have proven to be quite elusive.

''The other day, my friend tied his goats inside his yard and when him wake up it was only the rope he saw,'' a businessman said.

The problem has stretched to even the large corporations. ''Even at WINDALCO here we suffered from praedial larceny, as thieves prey upon our cattle and it is the hardest thing to catch them. We need to deal with the problem as it is very painful to us, let alone a small farmer," a senior personnel said.

Meanwhile, the police have acknowledged that praedial larceny and the theft of agricultural produce is rampant and said they are working on attacking the problem.

It is the consensus of the farmers that the planned special unit to deal with the agricultural society needs to be fast-tracked.

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