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June 6, 2014
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Denham Town residents frustrated by gang wars

Residents of Denham Town, on hearing that Omar 'Dawdie' Spaulding was this week slapped with charges of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition, have started speaking openly of being fed-up with the gang war raging in western Kingston.

Spaulding was surprised by cops at an apartment in Denham Town last Thursday. Three illegal weapons were recovered from the house he shared with his common-law wife and a child.

Despite shouting to residents for help during a struggle with the police, there was no reaction from onlookers.

"Right ya now, nobody nuh too business wid dem man deh, yu know. Through di war thing, all likkle pickney a dead roun yah, an we nuh deh pon dat wid no man," a resident who saw the well-coordinated takedown said.

Superintendent Leon Clunis, who led the raid, described Spaulding as "one of the major violence producers" in the Kingston Western police division and head of the Scare Dem gang, which has been in conflict with New Generation gang from Tivoli Gardens.

The operation yielded an Uzi sub-machine, a 9mm pistol and a .38 revolver and three 9mm rounds.

"Wi see di police dem, enuh, but di way di man dem move in, even if a man did waan try a thing, him could a only watch. Dem man deh neva look normal," confessed a so-called 'soldier', the inner-city term for gangland foot operatives used as look-outs.

Superintendent Clunis said Spaulding's arrest was a major breakthrough. Earlier this week, Javein 'Tico' Coke, 22, wanted in connection with crimes in western Kingston, was held as he tried to leave the island from the Norman Manley International Airport.

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