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June 10, 2014
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Vegas releases 'Ready Long Time'

Mr Vegas

Ace dancehall deejay Mr Vegas is in a no-talking mood as he answers in song to any artiste who wants to prove his worth.

In a new track, just hot off the press, Mr Vegas stands tall on a reworked Answer rhythm with the boomshot Ready Long Time. This is vintage Mr Vegas, intertwining hard-hitting lyrics with a seriousness that could intimidate any competitor. Mr Vegas' dark side is now revealed.

With lyrics like: "If a war dem want mi ready long time dem a dready long time dem nuh steady long time" and "Mi coulda be yuh daddy suh gwaan guh sidung man a gorilla weh run country and town ... u diss the elders in yuh own milk yuh drown", Mr Vegas hits the target and pledges a barrage of other hard-hitting tracks for the masses.

In commenting on recent events, Mr Vegas says he is ready for anything and the song is his sounding of that fact. "Lately, some people have been making statements in the media and we want dem to know we are no punks around here. We are ready and waiting for any challenge, even if it's at Sumfest. So those who talking must either put up or shut up," he said.

Mr Vegas added that while throughout his 17-year career he has been labelled a girls' artiste, he has over that time released some hardcore songs such as Stop Mi Food, Gangsta Law, We Nuh Want Nuh Fren From Dem and his recently released Real Don on Jah Snow Cone's Nuh Fraid rhythm which is getting massive forwards in the dancehall.

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