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June 10, 2014
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Thieves target churches in St Thomas for electronic equipment

The police in St Thomas have confirmed that thieves are targeting churches in the parish for their audio systems, with three churches plundered on the weekend.

The churches robbed had electronic equipment valued at thousands of dollars removed. Detectives in Morant Bay investigating the recent attacks on the churches, said the robberies are regular occurrences in St Thomas in which audio equipment are stolen, as they can be sold easily to sound system operators as well as used in car sound systems.

"They (electronic equipment) can be sold easily. They fetch a good price and they are hard to trace," a policeman said adding that the churches targeted are mainly in Llandewey, Lyssons, Yallahs, Morant Bay and White Horses.

A probe by The STAR revealed that between Friday night and Saturday morning the crooks plundered the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Emanuel Apostolic in White Horses as well as the Lyssons Church of God in Christ.

The SDA church was relieved of a projector and compact disc (CD) player, the Emanuel Apostolic was robbed of speakers, an amplifier and a keyboard. The Lyssons church was robbed of its computer.

The robberies had significant negative impact on worship at the churches. Members of the SDA church were unable to participate in singing with the use of a projector. At the Emanuel Apostolic church the worship was subdued as members reflected on the absence of musical instruments and had to endure worshipping with their disappearance. The crooks also relieved the Lyssons church of snacks that were set aside as refreshment for the children after the service.

Police theorise the thieves gained access to the SDA church through a window. At the Emanuel Apostolic church access was gained by breaking a windows and removing an inside grill, but effort to get in the music room was thwarted by a metal door.

There were prayers and appeals at the churches on the weekend for the thieves to return the equipment and for them to desist from robbing the houses of God.

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