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June 11, 2014
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Spice drops 'Like A Man' video
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Splice, the male alter ego of deejay Spice.

The dancehall arena is definitely a male-dominated industry and female artiste Spice has taken on the alter ego of 'Splice' to speak out for the female artistes who are often sidelined.

Spice recently premiered the video forLike A Man, in which she was not only dressed like a man, but also deejayed in a male voice. This alter ego, she said, is Splice.

"We all know that it is a male-dominated business and females don't get the justice they deserve. I am speaking out... As long as you have the real natural talent you should get the ratings," she told THE STAR.

Spice explained that she has got some level of 'ratings' in the industry, but that is not the case for all women. And, had she been a man with the same level of talent, she believes things would have been much different.

"This song is dedicated to females. Even now when I go in the dancehall, I hear three or four female songs play and is just pure male songs they play," she said.

"I have a lot of good songs and I feel like if I was a man I could have been on all of the juggling. If I was a man I would get more ratings."

Although Splice will be on some shows, she admits that she does not know if the general public will take Splice seriously, "but I know they want Spice more."

"I was expecting to get backlash. I was preparing for people to bash me, make some homo comments. But the response has been better than I expected. People are applauding me for taking this step," she told THE STAR.

And already, Spice says producers have been sending rhythms for Splice to voice on.

"If they book Splice they will get Splice. I am already writing material for that persona," she said.

Nonetheless, she promises that fans will still get a lot of Spice.

"People will mostly see Spice because she is the popular one," she said, noting that she is gearing up for Reggae Sumfest next month.

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