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June 11, 2014
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Molodan ready to storm dancehall


Up-and-coming dancehall artiste, Jermaine Bien-Aime, aka Molodan, is ready to take the local music scene by storm.

The talented deejay from Grange Hill, in Westmoreland, is rated as one of the brightest talents to emerge from the parish in recent times.

"The people have a lot of love for me all over the parish. They believe in my talent and they are supporting my career."

"I've been deejaying since I was in high school. I always got a lot of props from my friends, but I didn't take it too serious. Over the years, I continued to write lyrics and perform on events. I also did a bit of recording, but I didn't have any plans to become a professional artiste. My friends always kept pushing me to take on the music and make a career of it. I have to big up Boasy and Singa Blinga for always encouraging me to launch my career," he added.

Listening to his songs, it's hard to believe Molodan, also called the Middle Finga Boss, has only been in the music four months now.

"People laugh when I tell them my career is only four months old, they say it's impossible to be in the business for such a short time and sound so good. But the truth is that my career is very young. The whole thing sort of happened by accident. I was at a party in Grange Hill, called BLB, and a selector, called DJ Jashie, played my song, Watch My Back. The song received a huge forward and he had to pull it up like five times or more. From that point I realised that I had to take on the music," said Molodan.

Now, he is one of the most played artistes in Westmoreland.

"Everywhere you go, you can hear my songs, a lot the DJs play my songs in the clubs and at the parties. I'm also getting crazy airplay on LINKZ FM from DJs like DJ Shem and DJ Sixx."

The hard-working deejay recently released a hot new track, BBM Girl. He plans to make a big impact on the national scene.

"I love what's happening with my career in Westmoreland and I plan to build on it, to put my career on a national level. I want the whole Jamaica to know Molodan, aka Middle Fingers. I know it's going to take a lot of hard work, but I can do it," he said.

Also in the pipeline for Molodan are music videos for BBM Girl and Watch My Back. He is also getting ready to release three new singles, Eye Dem Red, Fingaz Up and Headphone.

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