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June 11, 2014
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Man held for molesting cow - Released after cops couldn't find vet

Detectives in Morant Bay are lamenting the absence of a vet in the parish after a man accused of molesting a cow walked free from the police lock-up last week.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that allegedly, a farmer in the parish spotted a man molesting his cow last week. A report was made to the police and the accused man was taken into custody.


The police, however, failed to make progress in the case as a vet from outside the parish refused to carry out the necessary examination on the animal. The police said he refused on the grounds that he did not want to be involved in such a case or having to give evidence in court.

As a result, the police were forced to terminate their investigation and released the accused man.

Speaking with THE STAR, a senior detective in Morant Bay said that the absence of a vet in the parish or one assigned to deal with cases of bestiality or other related police cases is a problem.

"We can't probe those cases as there are no vets in the parish. You could find out from RADA, but I am sure there are no vets in the parish and the matter is a serious one," the officer said.

When contacted, a source at the RADA office in Morant Bay confirmed that there were no vets in St Thomas. "We have a visiting vet but there are no vets in the parish, Sir," the source said.

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