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June 13, 2014
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Pastor urges couples to break up - Claims God wants their relationships to end

While the church should be protecting the sanctity of marriages and encouraging stability in relationships, one female member of the clergy in western Jamaica has been using the name of God to tear unions apart.

"She has interfered in many relationships over the years ... and her God would always tell her that the males are possessed with demons or are having sexual relationship with other males," Verine Campbell told The WEEKEND STAR on Wednesday. "She draws you in, wins your confidence and then manipulates you."

According to Campbell, who used to frequent the charismatic group, and who fell prey to the 50-year-old preacher's scheme, things have been going well since she reconciled with her husband, but she still wonders if he has got past the experience.

passing demons to me

"Our life was good, but I went there and everything seemed fine at first, until one day she told me that my husband was passing demons to me when we made love. I stupidly went home and refused to sleep with him."

One man who accused his child's mother of working witchcraft on him after he was introduced to the pastor and sought her advice is now doing all in his power to restore his relationship.

"I believed her, I will be honest I did, she said my girlfriend was the cause of my financial trouble, and it seemed logical because we argued constantly. In fact, she said that she was not my wife and went as far as to identify another female that she claims the God of the third heavens revealed to her was mine," Calvin Watson recalls. "So I confronted my girlfriend after several weeks, she denied the allegations, but I told her it was over."

To further convince Watson of the urgency of the situation, the pastor also offered him a place to stay until he sorted out his new life, but stopped taking his calls soon after, and instead accused him and the brother that brought him to the church of having a homosexual relationship.

"She has contradicted everything the Bible says, and like a prophet of doom proclaims destruction on peoples' lives, and every one she speaks against - including fellow ministers are labelled as homosexuals, and as smart as I thought I was, I fell for it."

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the Montego Bay inner-city community in which the church is located, residents expressed reservation about the group. "They are here about three years now, but all we hear them pray about are negative things," said one man. "They sound aggressive and there are a lot of things about demons and witchcraft and you will hear them calling people's name in an accusing way."

"It does not give you a feeling of love, it does not give people in the ghetto any hope, I would never want their God."

Efforts to speak to the pastor proved futile, but a senior member of the church told THE WEEKEND STAR: "When the voice of God speaks, our pastor just do what the Lord tells her to do, why would someone say otherwise, when our pastor is just following the Lord? I am not sure you will be able to understand if you are not saved (a Christian)."

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