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June 14, 2014
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Strange events plague school

Students said to be collapsing at institution

Uncertainty surrounds several strange occurrences at a high school in central Jamaica, where there are claims that students are having fainting spells regularly.

"Students just a drop down. Me can tell you straight up what a happen but me nuh want dead," a fearful, yet jovial student told THE STAR when we visited recently.

Information reaching our news team is that since last summer, there have been some strange incidents, including the deaths of two students.

Recently a male student is said to have taken ill and was rushed to hospital, where he later died. Last year, a female student from the institution also died. Both deaths have been regarded by students and residents as strange.

A serious matter

When THE STAR visited the institution, the principal, who said she was unable to speak to our news team, was perturbed that students were being questioned about the mysterious happenings at the school.

A concerned resident believes that the school's administration is downplaying the issue. "It seems to be a serious matter because the things that are happening are mysterious. Students are told specific time when they should visit the bathrooms for example because during certain period of the day, students can faint and all kinds of things," a source said.

A shopkeeper in the community said he has been hearing about the strange occurrences. "... Every minute a pickney drop down. Up to last week, prayer people went by the school to pray for the students," he said.

Some students were afraid to comment on the matter, however one child shed some light on the most recent death.

"I wasn't at school that day but I heard that a male student fell and hit his head and dat him head and feet swell," the student said.

When THE STAR contacted the police, they confirmed the most recent death of the student.

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