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June 14, 2014
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Maggi Mobile Kitchen on Wheels

André Williams, STAR Writer

Scores of people turned out yesterday to see first-hand the Maggi Mobile Kitchen on Wheels display, and to partake in a host of activities inside The Gleaner's East Street parking lot.

Things got under way as planned by the organisers at 12 p.m., by which time residents from surrounding communities had already converged on the grounds anticipating the delight which was to come.

Not long after, the atmosphere was filled with Maggi aroma, to the pleasure of those who made the most of the samples offered.

There was the Maggi Chicken Foot Soup, Coconut Cabbage, Vegetable Fried Rice and Yam and Sweet potato Croquette.

Nesfruty, a new powdered fruit drink from Nestle, was also sampled by the gathering.

Stacy-Ann Collins, who was on hand, told THE STAR, "The soup was great. I also tried the Nesfruty drink, I prefer the orange flavour."

Another resident said, "The soup taste very wonderful mi neva use to use these Maggi things, but like how mi try it, a it mi a work wid from now on everything Maggi."

The Maggi mobile cooking show also focused on educating the public on nutrition.

"We are giving back to our consumers. we had recipe demonstration and soup sampling we also had nutritional talks in relation to the soup and its ingredients taught the importance of breakfast, showing how you can prepare nice meals incorporating Maggi products. Maggi is the secret to great flavour, so we enhance the flavour of your food", said Latoya Wright, Nestlé nutrition adviser.

Wednesday's 'wheeling out' exercise forms part of the Maggi Mobile Cook show, which will soon be in a community near you. Next stop is May Pen, Clarendon.

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