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June 17, 2014
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Entertainment zone idea pleases promoters
Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Isaiah Laing

Sharon Burke

Days after State Minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, Damion Crawford, announced plans to utilise the Palisadoes area as Jamaica's first entertainment zone, as well as retrofitting several Kingston and St Andrew Corporation owned parking lots in downtown Kingston to accommodate the growing number of entertainment events, promoters are now speaking out about the viability of hosting an event there.

According to promoter Isaiah Laing, the decision to retrofit UDC parking lots has been one that needed urgent attention.

great location

"Just three weeks ago, I was telling someone that I would love to have an event at the UDC car park, downtown. Downtown needs to have some life injected into it. Palisadoes is basically no man's land, so it's definitely a great location to host events without fear of disturbing or disrupting other people. I would definitely host an event there," he told THE STAR.

This sentiment was echoed by Sharon Burke, promoter of Fully Loaded.

"I think the identified entertainment zones are good ideas. My only concern is the distance, especially for Palisadoes," she said.

Burke also made mention of plans already under way by Norman McDonald to transform the Gun Boat Beach into an entertainment centre.

entertainment hub

"There is a website online for the Seventh Harbour Touristic and Residential Project which is to be developed. This entertainment centre will include a water park, multiple themed restaurants, and an entertainment venue for 20,000 patrons. If the final outcome is anything like the sketches, then I think Palisadoes will definitely be a contender for Jamaica's entertainment hub," Burke said.

However, Ian 'Container Boss' Miles did not share their view. The promoter of the popular Container Satdazs told THE STAR that those locations might not be feasible.

"To be honest, it's not that great a location. Moving an event to Palisadoes can incur additional expenses. Not all patrons are gonna walk or drive that far. For the UDC parking lots downtown, that can pose security issues. Again, it may not be feasible. If those are the only options, then of course I would move my event there, but as long as there are other options, I' m gonna chose the venue that is best for my party," he said.

Ian 'Container Boss' Miles

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