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June 17, 2014
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Horace Fisher, Star Writer

The Clarendon police are investigating the death of two men, Leroy Allen and David Reid, after they were found dead in the parish last Saturday.

The burned, decomposing body of Reid, a janitor employed to National Commercial Bank in May Pen, was fished from the Rio Minho River, near the May Pen Railway Bridge, about 6:35 on Saturday morning.

Homicide investigator at the May Pen Police Station theorised that Reid, aka Flippa, from Juno Crescent in May Pen, was killed elsewhere and later dumped in the river. His relatives reported him missing from last Thursday.

"We got a call about 6:35 this morning (Saturday) that there is a dead body in the river under the bridge. When we went to investigate, we found the deceased burned, decomposing body there," an investigator said.

Allen, 65, was found dead along the Bustamante Highway about 5 a.m. It is theorised he was hit by a motor vehicle.

The police said Allen, also called King, was observed jaywalking on the busy highway before he was supposedly hit and ran over by the motor vehicle that did not stop.

"We found Allen badly injured with a number of broken limbs and a crushed head. We took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead," Rohan Black, who is in charge of traffic at the Four Path Police Station, said.

Black, who is investigating the fatal accident, said that the particular stretch of road where the accident occurred is one of Jamaica's foremost accident's hotspots and cautioned: "This stretch of road is a pretty good piece of road and motorists oftentimes tend to speed, so I am asking the motorists not to go above the speed limit."

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