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June 20, 2014
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Heineken rebrands Constant Spring Golf Club Bar

Omar Dattadeen, trade development executive at Red Stripe, pours himself a Heineken. - Contributed

In recent times, Red Stripe - distributor of Heineken - has been on an islandwide mission to give some real cosmetic surgery to various bars and outlets across the country.

Most recently, the brand took their team of 'facelift' experts to the Constant Spring Golf Club for the official opening of the Heineken Fairway Tavern, which is undoubtedly set to become a hotbed of activity because of its great location, and also because of its overarching representation of a brand that is adored worldwide.

Constant Spring Golf Club boasts over 300 members and an already well-known flagship event, 'Beer Wednesdays', where patrons are invited into the newly revamped Heineken-branded tavern to enjoy cold premium lager, partnered with great food, courtesy of gourmet and award-winning chef Jacqui Tyson.

Heineken is clearly on a mission, and the loyal drinkers of their product will play a big role in the outlet's future successes, as the brand puts out the 'welcome' mat and invites you to "open your world".

Nigel Davy, president of Constant Spring Golf Club, said, "The branding creates a new ambience, it's a modern and contemporary design which pulls in Heineken lovers and targets young professionals who, hopefully, will become new members of the club".

Other outlets also have high praises for the company's newest campaign.

Richard Spence from The Deck says, "We're still in progress (with the revamp), but we're positive that, once finished, the facelift will benefit and represent all involved. Things like this always bring curiosity from the outside and get people talking, "have you seen this or that? So yes, while we're still not completely finished, we hope to see a new drive of customers at our established location".

Corine Jacquette of Gee Wees Sport Bar explains that Heineken has come in and given the place and staff a new look.

"Heineken came and put up some feather banners, some nice, clean signage inside, and gave us t-shirts for the ladies so we can properly promote the Heineken aspecials. it's a good look! Jamaicans love Heineken, so we know it'll have a positive impact on the place, she said."

Nasha Douglas, brand manager Heineken (left), chats with Kamal Powell, brand PR manager, Red Stripe, and Marsha Lumley, market transformation manager, Red Stripe, at the unveiling of the newly branded outlet. - Contributed

The newly rebranded Constant Spring Golf Club bar now the 'Heineken Fairway Tavern' - Contributed

DJ Narity cools down with a cold one. - Contributed

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