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June 20, 2014
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A man who cried openly expressing a painful two-day erection, sent tongues wagging at a medical facility recently, where he showed up for treatment.

Reports are that the man grabbed the attention of many in the waiting area at the medical facility where he wept and cried out for help.

It is not clear what triggered the discomfort that the man was experiencing, however, that didn't prevent other patients from speculating.

"Di man say dat he was in a lot of pain because his penis was up for two days, a admit di doctors had to admit him because di man did a bawl. Him say it's not the first time him a experience something like this and it is a strong sickness. Him never say what cause it, but me hear him a say it's a secret," a reliable source told The Weekend Star.

The WEEKEND Star also understands that it was being speculated by many that the man's prolonged erection was a result of an overdose of a sexual enhancement drug.

Urologist Bellinda Morrison said that persons who suffer from a prolonged erection may not necessarily abuse drugs.

sexual enhancement

The medical practitioner said that persons with a sickle cell condition or persons who use cocaine or marijuana may suffer from that kind of discomfort. A urological problem was also mentioned as a cause as well.

As it relates to sexual enhancement drugs on the black market the doctor advised against them.

"Any drug taken should be administered by a doctor or pharmacist as individuals would be putting themselves at risk," Morrison said.

Meanwhile, Jephthah Ford, another medical doctor, said that in recent times he has seeing similar cases among young males.

"Recently, a young boy had to be admitted to hospital because he had a broken penis because he had taken a sexual enhancement drug. Young men and boys don't need these drugs, these drugs are for older men with erectile problems.

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