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June 20, 2014
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Public urged to eliminate negative impact on the environment
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

In an effort to encourage more eco-friendly approaches across the island, chief executive officer of Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ), Karen McDonald Gayle, has reminded Jamaicans about the importance of minimising the negative impact we have on the environment.

Analysing terms such as 'go green' and 'eco-friendly', McDonald Gayle explained: "The idea behind both terms is that products, consumers, industries are considered for more than just the economic and social value that they might have, but also the environmental impact they have. Further, the concepts propose paying or changing behaviour to eliminate or minimise the impact on the environment."

"The debate gets very intricate especially in a full 'life cycle analysis', for example, there is a common example of plasticised disposable diapers, versus cloth nappies, which require chemicals. There are also a range of simpler solutions, many of them both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

For example, reusable grocery bags or water bottles, instead of plastic ones, these still require some education to enact the behaviour change.

Other eco-friendly solutions are cost-effective long term, but require some capital up front, such as an electric car, inverter technology or solar technology." McDonald Gayle added.

Meanwhile, McDonald Gayle's appeal on the heels of an announcement by minister of local government and community development, Noel Arscott, in Parliament recently, that Jamaica will be looking to recycle up to 4,690 tons, or 35 per cent of plastic bottles, by 2016, in a joint venture between the government and private entities.

For more information about how you can join in making a change, visit www.efj.org.jm or call EFJ at (876) 960-6744.

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