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June 23, 2014
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Kranium snubs Latty J - Artiste supposedly refuses to release song with up-and-comer
Shereita Grizzle, STAR Writer

Latty J, Kranium, Mr Vegas

He has been enjoying tremendous success with his song Nobody Has To Know, but before the hype over the track sets in, many persons remained unaware of the artiste behind the song.

Still, the song has been getting huge radio rotation and international attention over the past few months.

Now it seems recording artiste, Kranium, is moving on with his career and is leaving all 'unknowns' behind.

A recent collaboration between Kranium and up-and-coming artiste, Latty J (second runner-up contestant from the 2011 Digicel Rising Stars competition), may never hit the airwaves because of an objection by the Nobody Has To Know singer.

The STAR has learnt that Kranium has objected to the release of the song, seemingly because of Latty J's status as an up-and-coming artiste.

In an interview with The STAR, Latty J said she believes the whole situation is just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

She explained that Kranium had voiced a song on a rhythm for Mr Vegas who decided after the recording to include her on the song as it would work better with a female vocalist.

"Everything was cool and then we heard that he was saying him nuh know who name Latty J and him nah do nuttin wid nuh new artiste," she said.

She went on to express shock at Kranium's statement as she believes not so long ago, nobody knew who he was either.

"Mi see him as a young artiste just like me, and a few months ago nobody neva know him either."

According to Patrick Pee-Wee Bonsu from Pretty Posse Music, the organisation that manages Kranium's career, there is no issue.

"There's no issue with Kranium and Latty J. He wishes her much success in the near future", read an emailed response from Bonsu.

Mr Vegas insisted that the snub from Kranium was no big deal but indicated disappointed with the outcome.

According to Vegas, every big artiste was up-and-coming at one point. "Kranium and I were doing the song but when I rethink the situation based on the vibe of the song,n I thought it would work better with a female so I put Latty J on it," he said.

He went on to say that the song is a good song and could possibly be a hit. "A hit will be a hit no matter who is on it," he said.

Latty J said the incident has only pushed her to work harder and she recently released a collaboration with Mr Vegas called Who Rule.

"I am in the right camp to get the guidance I need so I'm excited about the future," Latty J said.

Vegas still has hopes of the collaboration making it to the airwaves though.

"He (Kranium) and Latty have a song and our camp is just waiting for permission from them to officially release it."


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