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June 24, 2014
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Predator 'walks holy' - Deejay sings against demons

While some artistes continue to release songs about and promoting demons, deejay Predator has returned condemning these types of songs.

Predator, who is known for 2005 hits like Mad Sick Head Nuh Good and Mad Again, has resurfaced with a song, Walk Holy, featuring singer Lukie D. Walk Holy is on Realinkz Production Label's 'Xcited' rhythm.

Predator explained that the song is not gospel.

"A nuh gospel,is a lifestyle, a it we a sey right now cause if we sing bout demon, di pickney dem a go sing bout demon to, and we nah support dat so we haffi change up di ting," he said.

In the song Lukie D sings:"A nuff artiste a rise up inna dancehall and do dem ting and we nah fight gainst dem, but all inna we 'madness' we know sey we nuh fi cross di line." Predator follows saying "den a energy ago hit you if you nah Walk Holy."

Meanwhile, Predator seems to be revamping his career that has been on a lull for years.

"Mi neva stop werk, apart from Bounty Killa, mi general, who look out fi mi sometime, music a di only other source whey provide fi mi and mi pickney dem comfortably," he said.

"Mi find dis Walk Holy a di chune yah now, a crazy people a tell we sey it bad! Plus, as me sey, a we dis, a whey we stand fa. When Walk Only drop a Grants Pen man, di whole place get mad. Yeah man, a we sey nuh medication!"

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