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June 25, 2014
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Female thieves trick, rob motorists

Two women, pretending to have car issues, are reportedly attempting to rob unsuspecting motorists in the upscale community of Millsborough, St Andrew.

It is alleged that the women park on the side of the road in a burgundy motor car with the hazard lights on, pretending to have car issues.

The STAR spoke to one female motorist who was almost robbed last week after seeing the women in the motor car and stopping to them in a bid to provide assistance.

She claimed that one of the women stepped out of the motor vehicle and attempted to rob her but she sped off.

When The STAR contacted the Matilda's Corner Police Station they stated that they have received reports about a female in the community having car issues with a car fitting the description of the alleged robbers.

The officer told The STAR that they have so far received no reports of any robberies, but stated that he would not be surprised if it did happen.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that is true, the area is known for having wealthy people and people from all over tend to go to that community to rob people," the lawman said.

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