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June 26, 2014
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Madman paid $100 to have sex - Crowd watches him and homeless woman in downtown Kingston

A mentally ill man and a homeless woman were the 'stars' of a short pornographic film, which was done by the pair for only $100.

The movie was reportedly filmed in the downtown Kingston area sometime ago, in front of a large crowd.

Throughout the more than two-minute clip, it was the man's sexual prowess or lack thereof, which was the main source of entertainment for the onlookers.

The man who could be seen attempting to penetrate the woman, but failed miserably, much to the disappointment of the spectators.

"Shub it inna it ..." one of the onlookers instructed the fumbling man, to which he responded, "ah rise it ah rise, seet rise! It rising!" the man declared while flashing his instrument as evidence to the onlookers.

But after multiple attempts, the man failed to penetrate the woman.

Getting his money's worth

In apparent frustration and bent on getting his money's worth, another spectator instructed, "Use yuh mouth man! Use yuh mouth!" to which the man without hesitation, proceeded to perform fellatio on the woman, much to the delight of the spectators.

Another spectator quipped, "yuh nyam too much... that's why yuh ... lazy" as he continued to struggle to engage in intercourse with the woman.

But despite being at the centre of the spectacle, the woman appeared oblivious to what was happening to her, even as her 'co-star' attempted to rouse a response from her by attempting to remove the top of her dress, she was still unmoved.

The woman simply laid there quietly with her dress hiked to her knees, legs splayed with her hands resting on her stomach as the man did his bidding.

No reports

After his failed performance, an irate spectator began to demand a refund after his expectations of a grand show were unfulfilled.

"Gi we back we $100, cause yuh ... nah stand up! Gi we back we ... money!" the man demanded.

Unwilling to relinquish his payment, the man made another feeble attempt to penetrate the woman, "yuh see mi ... a stand up?" to which an onlooker jeered, "yuh waa some Viagra! Dat nuh in deh!"

The STAR contacted Head of the Kingston Central Division, Superintendent Michael Scott, and he stated that he has received no reports about persons engaging in sexual activities with homeless or mentally ill people in the area.

Meanwhile, Head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, (CISOCA), Veronica Gilzean, told The STAR, "I have heard of it anecdotally, but we have received no such reports."

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