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June 30, 2014
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Cop Taped Giving Oral sex - Video circulating in rural town

A video of a policeman giving a woman oral sex in a car in May Pen, Clarendon, has become the hot topic on the lips of almost everyone in the rural town.

The 18-minute-long video which began circulating last Wednesday, has become so popular that it has gone viral on social media and DVD copies have been made and are selling like hot bread in and around May Pen. The DVD reportedly costs $200.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that the policeman, a constable, who is well known in the town has hardly been seen in the area since the video went viral, much to the delight of many people, mostly vendors and transport operators. Many have complained of being targeted and verbally abused by the constable.

Vendors wasted no time in 'bunning out' the policeman, who many have now renamed Constable Namsterdom, apparently a spin off from deejay J-Amderstam who has publicly admitted to giving women oral sex.

"Him mek we can't sell in peace, everyday him come run we down, and you see what him go do? Tell him say come run we down now nuh," a vendor told THE STAR. "You see the boy tongue how it big and long. No sah, a no tongue that, a vacuum cleaner."

enormous tongue

A colleague of the policeman complained that his indiscretions have brought the force into disrepute. "We can't even walk on the road without people a trouble we ... but a run them fi run wey that and make him go a him yard with him nastiness," the cop insisted.

The tape, which was reportedly made in a car parked at the May Pen Police Station, begins with the policeman issuing a number of orders to his female companion. "Mek sure you video me good enuh, mek sure," he ordered, at one point, while sticking out an enormous tongue in the direction of the camera.

After paying attention to the woman's breasts, the cop quickly sat down to 'eat' as the woman lets out a few moans. "You know say me a dog," the cop, who is reportedly married, declared.

The act was interrupted briefly when a curious intruder stumbled upon them, but they quickly resumed after the unashamed policeman raised his head and let off a string of bad words, before returning to the act.

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