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July 2, 2014
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Ras Ghandi, Nuffy reunite
Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Ras Ghandi - Contributed

Nuffy - File

After severing ties in 2007, MC Nuffy and his childhood friend Ras Ghandi, have finally reconciled and have also teamed up on a new song.

Ras Ghandi, who has since cut his locks, told THE STAR that he had taken a break from the fore of the industry due to his falling out with Nuffy, but is now ready to reclaim his position.

"We weren't talking for a while and then one day, while in the United States, I got a call from Nuffy who reached out to me and told me that we should put everything in the past and move on. There wasn't a Nuffy without Ghandi and there wasn't a Ghandi without Nuffy, so when mi come back to Jamaica, we link up in the studio and we did a song called Keep It Real With Yuh Friend," Ras Ghandi said.

He added that the song is about reaching out to people and being genuine with your friends.

Nuffy agreed it was time to put the negatives behind them.

"Friends and family reached out to us to reconcile. Next year I'm going to be 40 and it nuh look good fi me and Ghandi still a carry grudge and hate. Mi grow up wid him and have him as a brother. A him tell me say me a di baddest MC, him motivate me to be a MC," Nuffy said.

He hopes to see Ghandi in the new era of artistes.

"Mi ready fi put Ghandi back on top. Mi know him can do it. Ghandi is one of the best writers. Mi and him a like the backbone fi Gregory Park, so is really a joy say we mend back the friendship," Nuffy said.


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