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July 2, 2014
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Landlord, tenant in television dispute

A $15,000 settlement was the outcome in a matter against a landlord who has been accused of damaging several television sets belonging to his former tenant.

Ruel Rainford, who has been charged with malicious destruction property, told the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court, on Thursday, that he has paid for the damage.

No evidence was offered in the matter and Rainford was told by the court that the matter was dismissed.

It is alleged that Rainford threw seven TV sets belonging to the complainant down a staircase during a dispute.

Rainford said that he didn't know that the TV sets were in good working condition.

"Your Honour, I spoke to him on several occasions and told him that I was gonna throw the TV sets away and he said go ahead. I gave him $15000 as settlement, but I didn't know that the items were good," the accused said.

" I got notice in May and he said I should remove the TV sets and I didn't move them. Your Honour, he threw them down the stairs," the complainant told the court.

The complainant wanted more money for the damage to his electronics, however the RM said that the TV sets were not brand new. <

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