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July 3, 2014
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Woman claims credit for baby delivered in bathroom

Following the delivery of a baby in a public bathroom in Spanish Town, St Catherine, on Monday night, at least one person has come forward to claim that instead of the police, she was the one integral in the birth of the child.

"The woman was in the bathroom about 8:15 and I heard the cry of a baby. I then went to the bathroom, and saw a man praying. He then told me that a female was in labour. As a result, I went in the bathroom and realised that the woman was having a baby. The baby eventually came out and fell in the toilet bowl, but the man quickly grabbed on to the child and we used two blankets to put it on," remarked Hermin Smith, a bathroom attendant.

no ambulance

She told THE STAR that the police did participate; however, it was about five minutes after that they came running to the bathroom to assist.

Smith says that they eventually took the baby and the mother to the Spanish Town Hospital. She complained that when she called the Spanish Town Hospital initially, she was told that there was no ambulance. She called 110 and the fire department spoke with her. During this time, the police responded.

However, her concern is that it was not the police that should be attributed to the birth of the child, but herself and others who initially started the process.

When THE STAR contacted the police, a sergeant who was on the scene concurred with what Smith had said. He explained that with the police participating in such a good deed, it was reported that they were a part of the process of the child's birth. He said that he commended the effort of all who came on board to save the life of the baby and the mother.

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