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July 8, 2014
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JPS employee suspended for suspended for alleged bribe

A JPS employee has been suspended and is now being investigated for allegedly accepting a bribe from a businessman to ignore an illegal connection.

"We will not tolerate any level of corruption among our employees or contractors," said JPS President & CEO, Kelly Tomblin. "The vast majority of our employees are honest individuals, who are committed to serving with integrity. We cannot allow a few wayward persons to compromise the company and our relationships with our customers. We have therefore increased the monitoring of employees and contractors who are suspected of involvement in corruption, and will continue to investigate reports from members of the public," she indicated.

Since last year, JPS has investigated more than 54 reports of corruption among employees and contractors. This has resulted in the dismissal of seven employees and six contractors, as well as the arrest of four former contractors.

"The new Customer Information System that we are introducing in August will help us to more quickly identify potential fraud. This will play an important role in our efforts to deal with collusion between employees and persons who are attempting to defraud the company," Tomblin explained.

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