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July 9, 2014
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'Pastor' beats boy for hickey - Video posted online
Chad Bryan and André Williams, STAR Writers

An amateur video has surfaced online showing a man alleged to be a revivalist pastor beating a young boy with a machete because of hickeys he received to his neck, THE STAR understands.

The 33-second video shows the man wielding a machete and hurling a number of expletives at the yougster as he demands to know how he came by the hickeys.

"A who give you dem two hickey deh, talk fast because me ago give you two a dis cross you ... back," the man is heard saying in the clip.


The youngster who seemed fearful replied, "You see any hickey on me neck ...," before he was slapped in his chest with the machete.

It was a third party in the video who had to squash the dispute, as the man, said to be a pastor, was obviously irate.

The video has racked up approximately 1,700 views since it was uploaded to video sharing website, YouTube on July 2.

Viewers of the video have expressed disappointment about the incident and chastisted the named pastor. "Shame on u Bishop R ....... worst is a young toddler dat can't be older dan 15 yrs old .... Shame on u," one viewer wrote.

"One day, we will all stand up in front of our Creator to be judged and answer to the hypocritical and double lives we are living. This boy is a very young guy and he is a grown man talking about hickey on neck. Man go look a woman and leave the baby boy alone," another viewer commented.

Another pastor who said he is aware of the video but hasn't seen it told THE STAR that he knows a clergyman who goes by the name, however, he is not sure if that person is still in pastoral ministry.

Meanwhile, the police said that they have not received any report about the incident.

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