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July 9, 2014
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Man allegedly wields knife at shopper
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

Subsequent to a heated altercation at a popular Corporate Area shopping establishment last Wednesday, a man who alleges he was the knife wielder has come forward to claim that he was not the aggressor in the incident.

This follows reports that a boisterous group of men, who are alleged to be homosexuals, was said to have had an altercation with a male shopper who passed critical remarks.

"I never attacked anybody. The man attacked me. I never went in there to get any pad. I went in there to buy food," remarked the man, who claims to have brandished a knife in self-defence. "I wasn't fasting with anyone. The man's remark was that I was a 'nasty [expletive] ba ... man. Move from here'!"

minute-long tape

Subsequently, the man claimed things got heated when he acknowledged the shopper's comments, asking him if they were directed at him. It was then that the shopper allegedly made threats, urging the would-be knifeman to take things outside, supposedly challenging him. It was only then that the knife was drawn, he said.

Since the incident, which took place on July 2, a minute-long tape has been making the rounds on several social media networking websites.

The knife-wielding man told THE STAR that indeed, he had been caught on video brandishing a knife; however, the moments that led up to that scene were not captured on tape.

"You may see me carry on like that in the video, but guess what. I was very ignorant because he came over in my face first. The man attacked me and I was defending back myself." the knife-waving man said.

The police previously told THE STAR that no charges had been laid against either party involved in the incident.

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