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July 11, 2014
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People cheer on as ... Madman with knife fights 4 cops
Bjorn Burke, Staff Reporter

A video showing the apprehension of a knife-wielding man, allegedly of unsound mind, by the police is making its rounds on several social media networking websites.

Reports reaching THE WEEKDND STAR are that sometime on Tuesday, the man entered a popular Corporate Area fast-food chain in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, with knife in hand, much to the dismay of several customers.

The minute-long tape shows scenes of the man, clad in what appears to be soiled clothing, being restrained by four uniformed police officers along with two other men, who appear to be civilians. Throughout the footage, the would-be knifeman put up quite a fight as officers used batons in attempts to subdue him.

"Mash him up! Mash him up!" exclaimed jeering onlookers in the clip during the melee.

Near the end of the video, officers were able to place handcuffs on the man, presumably putting an end to the disturbance.

Some viewers of the video expressed their delight in the handling of the situation.

"To how mi fraid a madman, mi haffi big up the police and dem two yutes deh! How u mean?! If a person of unsound mind stab u, u nah get no justice and him only ago get medication," wrote one viewer.

"Dats one strong madman" wrote another, seemingly in amusement.

Confirming that the man is in custody, Half-Way Tree police personnel reported that he was seemingly on a rampage, as he had entered another restaurant before and officers were summoned to the scene, where he was later apprehended.

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