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July 15, 2014
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Queen Latesha hits out at Gage - Says freaky song degrading women


Queen Latesha

Dancer/dancehall artiste Queen Latesha has counteracted the pro-oral sex single, 'Throat', performed by recording artiste Gage.

According to Queen Latesha, Throat is derogatory to females and she wants her counteraction called, Yu Mouth, to make male artistes understand how it feels when females have to contend with filthy content targeting their sex life.

The dancer also condemns females who endorse the songs in the dancehall by performing various taboo acts to get attention, such as sucking on liquor bottles to show their skills at performing oral sex.

It might be a case of using an 'eye for an eye'' technique. However, Queen Latesha says she was simply giving males a taste of their own medicine when she crafted the explicit lyrics "Open up yu, open up yu, open up yu mouth, bwoy".

The STAR spoke with the former dancehall queen and she said: "The male artistes are not elevating females and telling them to take their kids to school. All they are saying is oral sex and walk like a dog. This Throat song has females sucking off bottles in the dance and that is not a good look as a real veteran female dancer. I have been in the business over 10 years and I feel a way. When the world sees videos of females sucking on bottles and call it dancing, it will stop us from getting work."

The dancer says Europe and Japan look to the Jamaican dancehall for entertainment. However, a hugh injustice is done to the Jamaican entertainment industry with the lewd music and highly 'sexualised' performances.

"I go to Europe and Japan to teach dancing at workshops and nobody will book you for walking like a dog or sucking on a bottle in the dancehall. I am fed up with these songs which are degrading females, and I don't want my music to travel in a direction of slackness, but I just wanted to flip the script to show Gage how it feels and how it sounds when he speaks to females in that manner," Queen Latesha said.

She even chastised selectors for endorsing songs which blatantly objectifies females. Songs like Touch You by Alkaline, which encourages females to stimulate his rectum with their tongue, and Throat Queen Latesha believes should have no place in dancehall.

"Dem hurry come up selector and artiste yah need to do better. As for the females, none of these artistes that tell you to perform these acts will want to wife you, they don't want a woman who does the disgusting things they tell you to do. Artistes need to do songs to empower women, some of them only sing songs because they have the opportunity to and have no substance," she said.

Gage, when contacted, told The STAR that no female has ever told him that they felt offended by Throat. He said even Bob Marley has songs that people dislike implying that it comes with the territory.

"Mi wish har luck wid it and big up to the selector wey a guh play it," he said.


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