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July 15, 2014
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Sting operation leads to gang members arrest

Seven members of the Bucks Common gang that operates out of the communities of Bucknor and Bucks Common in Clarendon were taken into police custody on the weekend.

The men were nabbed during an operation, led by the Clarendon police and the Mobile Reserve on Saturday in several communities in the parish, targeting gangs and criminal activities.

The suspects, who will be questioned in the presence of their attorneys, are believed to be responsible for several serious crimes, including murder, committed across the parish.

Meanwhile, head of the Clarendon Division, Senior Superintendent Maurice Robinson, has pledged to continue to enforce law and order in the parish and reassure citizens. "We will not allow gangs to instil fear in the citizens of Clarendon. We will continue to improve our operational output and utilise the resources available to target gangs and disrupt their activities, so that the communities in Clarendon can be safer," said Robinson.

The police are appealing to citizens to be wary of strange persons in their communities and to report suspicious persons and activities to the local police. Anyone with information can contact Crime stop at 311, police emergency 119 number or the nearest police station.

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