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July 17, 2014
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Tommy Lee warns Alkaline - Urges deejay to be careful of taboo lyrics

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has urged controversial deejay Alkaline to be careful of the messages that he is sending to minors especially as it relates to taboo sexual practices. This he did in a new single called 'Nah Bad'.

Tommy Lee who received his fair share of criticism courtesy of iconic dancehall artiste Bounty Killer for using the moniker 'Uncle Demon' in his lyrics, is now the one seeking to straighten out another aspiring dancehall act.

According to the deejay, who told the audience at Sting that he has had a change of heart since his near fatal accident, Alkaline's practice of encouraging taboo sexual practices can be more harmful to children than using the fictitious moniker 'Uncle Demon'.

"Mi just a correct him, mi nah dis him. Mi a mek him know sey him fi fix up him argument. If mi wah dis him; mi wi dis him, mi nuh fraid fi duh dat. Mi just feel like di youth dem nuffi a hear dem thing deh ... . A nuh nothing if yu sey yu a Uncle Demon, that is just a made-up character. But when yu a guh sey gyal fi lick out bottom a nastiness dat, and that is physical. How yu wudda feel fi see a likkle pickney a duh dat? Mi just a correct him ... . I never said I didn't want to be corrected when Bounty speak against Uncle Demon, because a di right thing him did a sey. It was the disrespect that came with his opinion that got me upset," Tommy Lee Sparta said.

According to the deejay who has songs featured in internationally renowned video game Grand Theft Auto, he does not want the children to be led in the wrong path where sexuality is concerned. Tommy Lee Sparta was making reference to Alkaline's single Touch You, in which he endorsed anal stimulation using the tongue.

"Mi just return from tour and mi life comfortable mi nuh haffi a stress out myself. Mi just a sey certain action weh mek di pickney dem think sey it right - mi just sit back and a watch the business from wah day and mi decide fi fix it. Mi nuh care bout nuh man feelings," Tommy Lee Sparta said.

The deejay is getting strong attention for his recent UIM Records-produced singles Whine Up and Dream, which have received over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Alkaline's publicist Kereen Beckford told The STAR that they are not aware of Tommy Lee's song and are therefore unable to give a comment.


( l - r ) Alkaline, Tommy Lee Sparta - File photos

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