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July 17, 2014
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Mother, son squabble thrown out of court
Christopher Thomas, STAR Writer


A St James man accused of breaking into his mother's house and attacking her in a dispute over a welding tool, was warned to keep the peace after his case was dismissed in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court Tuesday.

Javoy McCook, 18, of Bogue Hill, had been sent to attend mediation sessions after previously pleading guilty to housebreaking, larceny and assault at common law against Lorna McCook. The case was dismissed after McCook told presiding magistrate Carolyn Tie that she did not wish to pursue the case any further, following mediation.

It is alleged that on June 3, approximately 6 a.m., the complainant was cleaning her yard when the defendant entered. She went on to the veranda of her house and locked the veranda grill. In response, the defendant went to a window and removed three of the blades, thereby gaining entry to the house.

It is further alleged that the defendant grabbed his mother's hand and twisted it, before removing a welding tool from the house.

On Tuesday, the complainant told the court that she and her son had gone to mediation and had come to an agreement.

"We went to mediation, and we settled everything," said the complainant.

"What do you want to see come out of this?" asked Resident Magistrate (RM) Tie.

"To drop everything and start again," McCook replied.

In dismissing the matter, RM Tie warned the defendant to treat his mother better.

"This is your mother; that is the first thing. There is no way you should be in court with anything concerning your mother," RM Tie said sternly, before dismissing the mother and son from the courtroom.

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