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July 18, 2014
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Prophet cleanses Morant Bay Market
Jolyn Bryan, Star Writer

The Morant Bay Market in St Thomas was recently the site of an impromptu worship service and spiritual 'cleansing' session, after a man calling himself a 'prophet', turned up to 'cleanse bystanders of their sins and deliver them from hardship.

Armed with what appeared to be holy water and olive oil, the man, in blue robes and a red head wrap, drew quite a crowd as he told several persons he could pray for them, show them a way out of their financial difficulties and identify those close to them who did not mean them well.

Vendors and shoppers welcomed the 'prophet, one woman even going into a 'spiritual trance' on seeing him.

One individual, who said he was on his way to the nearby Morant Bay Courthouse for a case, was singled out by the 'prophet' for a cleansing. The 'prophet' told the man that he would be freed of the charges and also said he needed to change his life.

Many spectators chanted 'Hallelujahs' and 'Deliverance' as the 'prophet' poured olive oil on the penitent man and made him eat an orange. Many lifted their voices in hymns and songs as the 'prophet' continued his work.

Some were not so enthusiastic, pointing out that the man was a con artist, and not as holy as he portrayed. Others, including one hat vendor, complained that the prophet was ruining his business, as he was blocking the entrance of the market.

The 'prophet' loudly refuted claims that he was an obeah man, saying that he had been led to do God's work in Morant Bay.

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