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July 21, 2014
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Us artiste in Jamaica getting great feedback from fans

Lincoln 3Dot - File

US-based deejay Lincoln 3Dot has been in Jamaica for the past couple of weeks promoting his latest works.

The artiste has teamed up with MIA Production, who is officially responsible for all his promotional work in Jamaica."I have had the pleasure of working with MIA Production who, I must say, has been doing a terrific job on my behalf," he said.

Lincoln is known for being very artistic, which is reflected in one of his more popular songs, Dying To Live. The single has been a favourite among his growing fan base both locally and internationally, especially because of the emotions that are evoked through the lyrics.

"This song is so dear to me; my mom asked me to do something more poetic and this was the result. The fans love this song and this is just a song that will be in a lot of people's personal collection," he shared.

The accompanying video has been doing extremely well, also, on all major local TV Stations. His video Fame, featuring entertainer Andrew Trabass, has also been getting tremendous support from their fan base along with the hit single Face Time, a very provocative song.

Recently, Lincoln released a remix with Cashflow Rinse called 0 To 100, which is also getting some good feedback and highlights his freestyle side. An online promotional video was released for this project as well.

"Since I have been here, it has been work, work, and work!" said a vibrant Lincoln

The talented deejay made some guest performances as well at a few local parties to crowds of screaming fans. His fans can keep up with him by following up him on Instagram @Lincoln3dot.

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