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July 22, 2014
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Digicel Mini Stage at Reggae Sumfest gets an Int'l Forward

Kesnamdi performing on the Digicel Mini Stage. - Contributed

"I love it! I love it! I really, really love it!" This was the sentiment from Sara Beadle, a 'Sumfest-goer' from the United States, referring to the Digicel Mini Stage at Reggae Sumfest.

"It's like you're getting a two-for-one deal! I mean, I absolutely love reggae music and, for me, I get to see the big names that I know on the big stage, but I also get to see another side of reggae music on this smaller, more intimate stage. This makes coming to Jamaica so real for me - because it's like I'm getting to see an exclusive side of reggae music that's not even out there yet." She added that it's a good indication of who will graduate to the main stage in the next few years.

During the festival, after being thrilled by performances on the main stage, patrons directed their attention to the Digicel Mini Stage during the band breaks, where they were treated to even more performances by a slew of up-and-coming local reggae artistes.

New Kids on the block

Some of the performers included Keznamdi, Tifa, Torch, Sevana, CK and RR, among others.

Digicel's vivacious brand ambassador Miss Kitty, who kept the crowd entertained with her vibes and infectious personality, said the Mini Stage helps to develop the careers of young reggae artistes.

Delighted with the audience's reception of the Mini Stage, Digicel's Marketing Director, Peter Lloyd, noted that "the feedback from the patrons, as well as growth of the artistes, keep us coming back each year with the Mini Stage and it's definitely something we want to continue doing!"

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