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July 23, 2014
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Comedian denies intimacy with Macka
Curtis Campbell, STAR Writer

Macka Diamond

US-based comedian-producer Majah Hype has denied cheating on his girlfriend with dancehall artiste Macka Diamond. According to the comedian, his girlfriend of 11 years is threatening to pull the plug on their relationship, because the allegations of his infidelity are damaging.

The allegations started last month, after a controversial picture featuring Majah Hype and Macka Diamond surfaced on the Internet, which appeared to show him touching her on her exposed breasts.

Following the picture's circulation, Macka Diamond's team stated that it was taken while filming the music video for her single Karma. Now, Majah Hype wants to save his relationship, which has taken a turn for the worst since the release of the photograph.

"My girlfriend really took it hard, she thought it was a violation. It reach a point where things really shake up. Right now, we just a reach a rebuilding phase, but it still kind of sticky. She feel like mi betray her," Majah Hype said.

Majah Hype currently has over 86,000 followers on Instagram. He says he was bombarded by critics on the site, who chastised him for controversial photo.

"Crazy people a ask how it leak out, but many people were on set, and I guess them sneak in to the set and capture a little piece and it threaten fi mash up mi life. What made the thing worse was that it was one of my girlfriend's friends who sent the picture to her. All she know is that mi did gone go do video, and then she see that, so it was hell and powderhouse," he continued.

"Even though we not married, is two children we have together, so we have to make it work. She have to understand say is just so music business unpredictable," he said.

Majah Hype's girlfriend was unavailable for comment. However, Macka Diamond tried her best to fix situation by tellingThe STAR: "I have known him for many years, and we have been working together for a long time. It's was just acting, and things got out of hand, and there is nothing more to it. We even cut out the explicit scenes from the video because it is causing too much drama, and me and Majah have more projects to work on. It's nothing severe like how people mek it look."

The video for Karma was released last weekend and is now in steady rotation. Macka Diamond is gearing up for shows in the United States and the Caribbean.


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