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July 24, 2014
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Duane Stephenson cancels performance due to kidney injury
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Duane Stephenson. - Contibuted

An unexpected injury and hospital stint forced singer Duane Stephenson to cancel a performance at SummerJam in Germany recently.

Stephenson was scheduled to perform on the show that was held between July 4 and 6 in Germany, but he could not attend because he was hospitalised for two weeks.

"I started a work-out programme and I ripped a leg muscle and it started secreting some enzymes that started affecting my kidney. So it was a muscle injury that turned into acute kidney injury," he told THE STAR, noting that he will be unable to go on long flights for a couple months.

Due to a fear of blood clotting that could cause further injury, Stephenson said doctors advised him not to take any long flights, and it would take well over 10 hours to get to Germany from Jamaica.

"I spoke to the festival and they understand and I have pretty much transferred to next year," he said.

He noted that SummerJam is the main show that will be affected because he is able to take on shorter journeys, including his upcoming shows to Miami and New York in August.

Having been out of the hospital for only six days, Stephenson is already preparing for the launch of his third official studio album, titled Dangerously Roots, that will be released in September. In addition to the local launch, he said the album will also be launched in England and the United States.

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