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July 24, 2014
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Digicel Rising Stars contestants deliver mediocre performances
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

T Rizzy

For Sunday's staging of Digicel Rising Stars, it was more of the same, with judges mostly commenting on the song choices of the 10 contestants.

The first contestant to feel the wrath of the judges at the live show which was held at the TVJ studio in St Andrew was Quani. The judges were certainly left unimpressed after her rendition of Give Your Heart A Break.

"I think you are cute, but that's about it. Choose something that all of Jamaica wants to hear," Anthony Miller said.

T Rizzy and Sarai-Lee Moodie were not particularly impressive, but the judges said they saw signs of improvement.

The smooth-singing Lionel Williams was also better this time around with Lost Without You. Judge Conroy Wilson thought his falsetto performance was decent, but somewhat sedated. But Travis Brown left the judges a bit confused. Despite what they agreed was a good song choice, the judges were not very keen on Travis' arrangement of the song.

While Miller thought Asharie Maye was merely pretending to play the guitar, judge Alaine said, "good song choice, but I want you to light up the stage more."

Kyann Knight sang Perfect, but while she was not necessarily perfect, she got passing marks from all the judges. "I liked the song and I liked your performance of it," Wilson said, while commending her for commanding the stage.

Later, one of the better performances for the night came from Garnett Ferguson with Stay With Me.

"That was a good performance, but I don't think it made anybody rise up and shout, and that's where you need to get," Alaine said.

Avia Welsh was the second-to-last performer, but Miller believed it was difficult to comment on her performance of Darkhorse because the song was extremely short. Luckily, she was liked by the other judges.

And despite rave reviews for their previous performance, Young Kings did not move the judges as much as they would have liked. Miller regarded their granny-inspired song and routine as "corny and boring", while Alaine and Wilson thought they lacked clarity.

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