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July 28, 2014
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Teachers in 'hot' love triangle - Boiling water used to injure colleague

A female teacher from a prominent school in central Jamaica is now faced with a lawsuit, after she poured boiling water on one of her colleagues from another institution recently.

Reports are that the teacher was at her home when the other teacher went there early one morning, demanding that she stop interfering in her love life and leave her male lover, who is also a teacher.

The STAR learnt that the teacher who was inside her house with the male lover, who she had been sharing with the other woman, ignored her matie's loud demand for a lengthy period; but when the matie's demand got annoying and insulting, she told the woman to leave her premises.

It is understood that she [matie] decided that she was not going to leave until her man was out of the house and was on his way back to the house they share. The shouts made by the woman reportedly got the other enraged, and it is understood that she went to her kitchen, boiled a pot of water and threw it at the matie.

The STAR understands that the matie received burns to several sections of her body and had to be rushed to a doctor for treatment. The matter was reported to the police and the teacher charged.

It is further understood that the injured woman, who is a diabetic, has decided to sue the other as her wounds are getting worse. It was learnt that the water thrower has since been busy trying to raise money to compensate her matie for the harm that she has caused to her body.

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