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July 31, 2014
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Cop explains movie seat drama

The senior cop at the centre of the altercation over seats in a Corporate Area movie theatre has decided to offer his version of how events unfolded on the night in question.

According to the policeman, he had gone to watch the movie Sex Tape with his female companion when the incident occurred.

"We went there about 8:15 because it was an 8:30/8:45 p.m. movie. We went in but we couldn't find any seats. Right behind the last row we got in front of the screen, there is a row of seats with two Caucasian-looking females. One sitting at the passage and the other to the third chair," the senior cop stated.

He said he was going across the row of seats, when he was told by the persons seated there that the chairs belonged to other persons who had gone to get snacks in the lobby.

The cop said he walked away and was going to leave the theatre when box seats were offered to him. It was soon discovered that those seats were sold out and an offer to watch another movie, which he turned down, was made.

"The movie started and the place [seats] was still unoccupied. I went into the lobby to see if there was anybody out there. There was absolutely no one out there except persons selling at the counter and the security at the door," the cop said.

He noticed a group of Caucasians giving the security their tickets and entering the lobby. He then told his female companion that there was no one in the lobby and proceeded to the empty seats.

The top cop said the persons he had seen in the lobby, then came to claim the seats. He refused and the manager was called.

"I told the manager we came in here and there were four seats unoccupied. We were told that persons were in the lobby buying snacks, I went and check and there was no one there. I said the persons you are just trying to seat just came," he said.

An attorney at the movie confirmed the cop's story. She said many patrons began leaving as they were shocked that seats could be held for persons not at the theatre when the movie started. "I was mad, it was not me and I was mad," she said. "People were upset because of how he was being treated."

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