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August 5, 2014
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Twin of Twins movie open Thursday


Dancehall artistes-actors Twin of Twins are gearing up to release their highly anticipated movie 'Ching Pow-Far East Yardies' on Thursday.

The movie will make its theatre debut at Theatre Place, located at 8 Haining Road, Kingston, and according Patrick Gaynor of the duo, movie lovers are in for a solid entertainment package.

The movie was delayed for four years due to technical issues with production. However, Gaynor says the ball is finally rolling the way it ought to.

"There was a lot of issues that held it back, and now, finally, after four years, we have come to an agreement. So we want the people to look out for it and support it, because it is going to be very interesting," Gaynor said.

The movie will be shown at Theatre Place at 8 p.m., and will cost patrons $1200 to view. However, patrons who bring a copy of the promotional flyer to the venue will be charged $1000. Ching Pow-Far East Yardies will be aired for 30 days at the Theatre Place, except on Mondays, and the final show will be on September 7, 2014.

"The movie is for adults 18 and over. We rate it NP, and that means no pickney. Our fans are excited, and the anticipation is just overwhelming; we have a buzz in the streets. We wanted to show in Carib, but that didn't work out; however, we are going to have an ad in Carib advertising the movie, so that movie lovers can know about the film," Gaynor said.

"If you are a fan, go out and watch it; it's genuine Jamaican entertainment, not the generic crap. Twin of Twins represent real Jamaican entertainment, and that is what we do. We hope to be in Carib for future endeavours, and we will continue being in dialogue with them."

Tickets for Ching Pow-Far East Yardies will be sold at Theatre Place.


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