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August 5, 2014
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G-Mac gaining momentum in Europe

File - G-Mac

Intent on leaving an indelible mark in 2014, Judgement Yard recording artiste G-Mac reaped nothing short of success on his recent tour of Europe.

According to the artiste, he is not fighting for attention in Jamaica but instead steadily building a fan base in Europe.

The artiste recently featured in Sizzla Kalonji's Holding Firm remix, performed to more than 20,000, collectively, while in Europe.

"It was a warm welcome for me in Europe. It's my third tour and I am now grateful to see that my work is being accepted and getting a lot of love and support from my fan base there. I shared stage with Alborosie. It was a great vibes to open for him and also perform with. He is well respected in Europe and also has a large fan base there," he said.

G-Mac performed at the Alternative Music Festival in Senegallia and at events in Italy, Austria, Germany and France.

He is also working on a new mix tape, which will be released in Europe in coming weeks. G-Mac is working with European recording artiste Fido Guido and hopes he will graduate to headlining his own shows in one of reggae's strongest markets.

"I have a few singles coming out on Sam Gilly, from Austria, and Fireclath Label, also from Austria. I am also working with the Dancehall Rulerz label from Germany and my upcoming reggae album being produced by Bizzarri label, in Italy, will feature Ken Boothe, Carl Darkins, Sizzla and Lion D," the artiste said.

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