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August 11, 2014
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A rising trend at parties in the dancehall is for women to demonstrate their fellatio skills on beverage bottles, but one woman took it a step further and showed her skills on a male patron.

In a three-minute film, which is currently being circulated online, three women could be seen on a blue tarpaulin sucking suggestively on a Heineken bottle to the tune of Vybz Kartel's Freaky Gyal (Part 2), in full view of cameras and party patrons.

After growing bored with the bottles, the unabashed women turned their interest to the male patrons, with a woman, who was clad in a black top, rubbing her face violently in a man's pants crotch, much to the delight of spectators and an overzealous selector.

Another girl in a white top also went to demonstrate her prowess on the willing patron, with the selector in the background demanding, "tek it out! tek it out!" but the patron did not comply.

As the party heightened, the selector encouraged male patrons to tip the 'performers', "mi jus throw a bills pan di tarpaulin, every man throw a bills."

After the tips were tossed, two of the women moved on to another male patron with one sucking on his nipple, while the other unbuckled his belt, to which the selector instructed, "tek it out." After unleashing his instrument, the woman, without hesitation, placed the man's unsheathed organ in her mouth to the cheers of the spectators.

three women

The video concluded, with the three women, gloating about their daring feat.

Some viewers of the film, however, were not pleased with the women's actions and took to social networking sites to express their disgust.

"That is disgusting beyond words! There's a difference between freaky and nasty and dem cross the line," a viewer commented.

Another viewer added, "Jamaica dancehall gone to the dogs, stop disgracing my country, unuh worse than john crow, shame on you all!"

While another viewer expressed, "this is why STD and AIDS keep spreading."

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