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August 13, 2014
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Hu'manuwah spreads message through music

Hu'manuwah - Contributed

Reggae singer Hu'manuwah is a firm believer in the philosophy of man being a spiritual being.

''As spiritual beings (souls), we are deathless and all-powerful by our very essence and nature. Our true purpose in this lower, physical universe is to get all the necessary experiences needed, which serves to refine us as souls,'' the artiste, born Prince-Emmanuel Alexander Smith, said.

This inner philosophy is reflected in a trio of songs he recorded with Sheldon 'Callie Bud' Stewart. The singles, It's Within, Earth IsA School and Rough Road, serve as a blueprint to achieving spiritual enlightenment.

''What I am doing is providing avenues of awareness for people so they can tap into their natural power within and realise true potential, and escape the educational and religious systems of thought control of society,'' he said.

Born in Waterhouse, Kingston 11, Hu'manuwah attended St Patrick's Primary and Trench Town Comprehensive High. After leaving school, he discovered his love for music and began his own educational journey towards self-enlightenment.

He has recorded acoustic songs such as Grow Spiritually and Greater Than for joint production between Maka Sounds label in France, and producer Earl 'Chinna' Smith's Inna De Yard label. The songs were released on iTunes.

He has also recorded Mankind Must Evolve for producer Ray Smith, former owner of REAL TV cable station. That song received limited airplay on local radio.

''These songs reflect my philosophy and my message. I see myself as a soul liberator. We must strive to achieve a greater level of consciousness,'' the singer, songwriter, performer, producer, and CEO of Celestiels-Inc., said.

He is promoting a new single, Indomitable Soul, on the Soul Journey Universal label.

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