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August 13, 2014
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Prince Levy releases 'Plastic Ras'

Prince Levy

Reggae singer Prince Levy has released a new single 'Plastic Ras',taking aim at artistes who have been attempting to use a Rastafarian image to boost their careers.

" Well, I say the truth is within. We need to teach di youth dem dat. The Christian dem a preach, di man dem wid locks a preach, that is too much preaching, too many false prophets. Jah nuh care wah yuh look like, eyeball dat," said Prince Levy.

The song is a follow-up to his singles released earlier this year, Take It Slow, Deep Feelings and London Bridge aka Ganja Hail.

"Certain artistes need fi stop copy Bob Marley and respect him by taking the works further. This seem like a repetition of past glories in the reggae industry, man all a talk like Bob," he said, laughing.

Levy has been making waves on FM radio, locally and internationally. He hopes Plastic Ras can deliver a message.

"Ras fi go pon reggae show, plastic Ras get melt way!" he said. "Reggae and dancehall gone beyond di physical scene and we need fi recognise that, and do the real work fi move forward, instead of always just copying what worked in the past."

The singer plans to do a series of gigs in California and along the west coast of the United States to promote the single this summer, as he gears up to release his debut album.

"I really want to release my first EP this year, and this song has created a platform where I can push forward, aggressively, to establish my music in the Caribbean, the US and Europe," he said.

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