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August 15, 2014
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Tanto Blacks claims ... LA LEWIS DAMAGED HIS VOLVO - Seven Star General denies claim
Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

Tanto Blacks, LA Lewis - File

Though they have been bitterly embroiled in lyrical feuds, dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks is now accusing La Lewis of taking a feud too far. According to Tanto Blacks, LA Lewis sent members of his Gaza Federation group to damage his motor vehicle.

"Mi park mi car and go buy a drink inna Spanish Town, and when mi come out, mi see three man near mi car. One a dem kick out the passenger window and say how mi diss the Gaza Boss, La Lewis," Tanto Blacks told THE weekend STAR.

He added that LA Lewis is jealous of his success and his expensive Volvo car.

"People always a put we side a each other, so him feel like him hype, like mi and him a di same ting. A one ting mi want him know, mi a go bruk back him car glass when mi see him. Mi Volvo glass expensive, and mi know him caan pay fi it because him nah mek no money like dat, so all mi can do a bruk back him car glass," an angry Tanto Blacks said.

LA Lewis, has however, denied these claims.

"Tanto Blacks go report mi a station say mi mash up him car. I wasn't even in Kingston when that happened. Mi never even know say Tanto car mash up, a people tell me bout it. Myself nor any of the Gaza Federation had nothing to do with the destruction of Tanto Blacks' vehicle," LA Lewis said.

He said the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been calling him for interviews regarding the matter and is urging Tanto Blacks to cease from damaging his character.

"Tanto Blacks you need fi stop call me name. You a look a hype but you not even hype like mi shoes lace. Stop carry mi name go station. Mi know say a Alliance a try hype you up fi disrespect me, but don't mek dem draw you out. Mi nuh know nutten bout yuh car. Mi nuh want police come lock me up like Kartel. Unuh need fi mek the likkle bwoy know say him fi stop call up mi name," LA Lewis said.

In the meantime, Tanto Blacks said he is penning a song about the ordeal.

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