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August 15, 2014
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Play young artistes' music - iKon's producer wants slots for fresh talents

Ikon d Link - File

Following his suicide attempt at Zip FM earlier this week, iKon D Link's producer, Daniel Minott, says the artiste is passionate about his music.

Minott, who is the son of legendary dancehall artiste and producer, the late Sugar Minott, did not produce iKon's song, Stress, but said iKon is currently working with his label My Block Records, along with another label.

"iKon is an unpredictable person, and he is passionate about his work, and sometimes even when you are pressuring him, yu have to just lowe him mek him duh him thing; a just him dat. When I heard the news, I was surprised and shocked because I heard about it on the news like everybody else," Minott said.

The producer says iKon was pushed to the limit and was simply expressing the emotions felt by several aspiring artistes in Jamaica who are unable to get radio play.

"The music industry is too closed, its hard to get on radio unless you have links. They tell you to submit your music to the library, and when you do, it never gets air play. You have a few DJs that will play young artistes, but if they don't know you, and you have a little song a try get a buss, it's not going to be easy," he said.

The producer hopes iKon's suicide attempt will work in his favour. However, he advises the public not to follow suit.

"Right now, some people a sey him a fool, and negative things, but many don't understand the pressure and stress of being a young artiste. I know he has problems sometimes, but I don't know if they are overbearing or not for him to try and take his own life," Minott said.

He also chastised some members of the public who encouraged the youngster to jump to his death. "One of the most horrible things you can tell somebody that is contemplating suicide is to jump, and that's sad that we don't respect a life. Even if it appears that he does not respect his life at the time, you should not encourage it because he can now, in turn, save your life one day because you saved his," he said.

Minott's father is responsible for assisting some of the biggest names in Jamaican music to get their first break into the industry. The producer, who is carrying a part of his father's legacy, is also recommending that Jamaican radio stations create a slot to expose fresh talents.

In response to ZJ Liquid's comments that the song will not be played due to its quality issues, Daniel's sister, Pashon Minott, said even in instances where songs are properly produced for up-and-coming artistes, they are not played on radio without the right contact or negotiations.


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