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August 18, 2014
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Attorney General settled unlawful search lawsuit
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

The Attorney General's department has settled a $500,000 lawsuit filed by attorney-at-law Hadrian Christie against four police constables who unlawfully searched his vehicle last year.

When the matter came up in the Supreme Court, before it could be tried, a representative from the department informed that it had reached an agreement with attorney's representing Christie to setlle for $500,000.

The particulars of the claim are that in May last year, Christie was driving along Harbour Street in downtown Kingston when he was stopped by the police who demanded a random search of his vehicle. He refused on the ground that it was unconstitutional.

He attempted to show the police the law governing the searching of motor vehicles but was reportedly threatened to be arrested and charged. The court heard that his vehicle was forcibly searched under the guise that it fit the description of one the police wanted.

The lawyer subsequently sued for false imprisonment, trespassing on property and assault for threat of arrest. The suit was heard by Justice Sarah Thompson-James.

Christie was represented by attorneys-at-law Jerome Spencer and Stuart Simpson.

Last year, a judge in the Supreme Court had ruled that the "random" stopping and searching of motorists by the police was unconstitutional.

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