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August 19, 2014
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Dancing returns to dancehall - Dance songs being recorded again

Keiva Di Diva

After a relatively long drought, dancing is making a return to the dancehall scene. According to Bling Dawg aka Bawse Dawg, who is leading the movement with his Esco produced dance single called Kreech, dancehall is a seasonal genre and it's now dancing season.

"You have to give credit to Di Creature who built the dance. I went to East and I saw this youth at Skate-land doing some dances and I approached him and let him know that I respect the moves. I asked to do a song for dancing and so I visited Esco and asked him if he had any rhythm that would be good for a dancing song and he gave me a fitting rhythm, so it was a collective effort," Bling Dawg said.

The deejay says dancing is a profession and its only right that it makes a return to the dancehall.

"Right now its happy time in dancehall and everybody is dancing again. Dancehall is a cycle, its like a clock. Sometimes its about daggering, conscious music and now it's back to dancing and foreigners visit here to enjoy and learn Jamaican dancing and many dancers survive from this because it is a career," Bling Dawg said.

Producer/recording artiste Esco, says he knew the Kreech would become a hit because it complements the lifestyle of dancehall.

"The Kreech is oozing with swag and it's the only dance that has that swagger to it right now. Its like you can feel the African origin when you are doing the move and it carries that cultural feeling," he said.

early signs

Dawg formerly known as Bling Dawg (left) and Kreecha shows off a few moves of the Kreech.

Other dance moves which are very popular in the dancehall at present are the Sivva dance move created by Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers, as well as the Moggla dance move popularised by Flippa Moggla and Voicemail.

Local dancer John Bling expressed happiness at the early signs that dancing is making a return. The dancer says he feels proud that his We Are The Dance campaign was not in vain.

"Mi feel good sey it a return, the dancers protested and we kept meetings to bring back dancing into the dancehall and now wi see the profits of our efforts. I guarantee that by the end of the year everybody will be dancing again and dancers soon start tour again," John Bling said.

The dancer also encouraged fans of Jamaican dancing to view the official music video for We Are The Dance on Youtube.com. The music video features Keiva Di Diva, Queen Latesha, former Dancehall Queen Carlene, Mad Michelle, Latonya Style, Ding Dong among others. John Bling is also featured in the soon-to-be released Jamaican inspired movie called Jamaican Mafia.


John Bling

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