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August 19, 2014
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Artistes fail to move judges on Gospel Night
Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

The remaining eight contestants.

Though it was Gospel Night, the spirit of God clearly was not at the Digicel Rising Stars live performance show on Saturday night. While the top eight battled it out for votes by singing their favourite gospel songs, they failed to move the judges.

The show kicked off with an energetic performance from gospel artistes Omari and Kukudoo. They made way for the first contestant, T'Rizzy, who showcased his versatility with a medley that included Jesus Leads Me and Watch And Pray. All three judges agreed that he delivered a fair performance and stepped out of his comfort zone.

Up next was Kyann Knight and although both Alaine and Conroy Wilson agreed that it was a fairly decent performance of Shirley Ceasar's He'll Do It Again, Anthony Miller was not convinced.

"I'm surprised. You come with Christian platitudes every week and there was more energy in your facial expressions than in your performance. I didn't like it at all," he stated.

best performers

After a disastrous performance last week, Lionel Williams seemingly redeemed himself with his cover of Lionel Richie's Jesus Is Love.

"The start was mind-blowing," Wilson said.

"This was one of the best performers you've had for the entire series," Alaine said.

Quani's pitchy performance of Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood, however, did not live up to expectations.

"If the point of gospel is to touch someone's soul, it was not happening here," Miller said.

Alaine added, "It was ok. If you're not gonna hit the big notes full on, then don't even try them. This was not your strongest performance."


The best performance of the night came from Wilson's wild card, Kissoon. After battling it out with Taffi Chin for a space in the competition, the judges chose her, and they were certainly not disappointed. Her flawless rendition of I Love The Lord had some audience members giving her a standing ovation.

"Thanks for showing Jamaica why you are my wild card," Wilson card. Alaine seconded the sentiment.

"You absolutely deserve to be here. I felt everything you gave. That was the best performance of the night," she said.

JL also delivered a good rendition of Omari's Help. He was followed by Sarai Lee Moodie who had audience members rocking along to her medley.

"You bombed last week, but I'm sure the 'God Squad' will be pleased with her performance," Miller said. Wilson agreed adding that it was a good song selection.

Though the producers might have thought that they were saving the best for last with Young Kings, they were proven wrong.

The deejay and singer duo, donned in their church robes and with Bibles in hand, had Miller so flabbergasted that he refused to comment on their performance.

"It was so ludicrous that I don't even have an opinion," he said

Alaine and Wilson, however, disagreed.

"You guys are never boring. You always try to bring a little entertainment to the show. Some people might, however, not appreciate what you did. They might consider it as mocking," Alaine stated.

Members of the audience enjoying the show.

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